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  • Originally developed for the treatment of sports hernia and osteitis pubis.
  • Increases overall trunk muscle recruitment and preferentially biases transversus abdominis.
  • Increases proprioceptive stimulus and assists in establishing the “core neutral posture”.
  • Facilitates core contraction during functional postures and movements.
  • A unique way of integrating core stability to correct movement dysfunction of the upper and lower extremity.
  • Assists in establishing and optimizing a sequential proximal to distal muscle firing pattern.
  • Easy to use and apply

“I describe Alex McKechnie to people all the time, and the first thing I say is, ”He’s a genius at what he does.”

“I was basically retired because of injuries. Thanks to Alex, I am back to 100%”

“The Core System is the best rehab and strengthening program out there by far.”

“You really feel like you’ve worked your whole body.”

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