Workshops are designed by Alex for therapists to learn the Core X program.  Alex conducts these workshops all across the country for the sole purpose of explaining and demonstating the Core X system, his program and the benefits to your patients.  These are very detailed and participation by the attendees is encouraged.  Learning how to incorporate the Core X Rehab program into your daily practices is one of the focuses.  Space is always limited so please fill sign up today.
SPEECH & EVENTS Please check back for schedule.
The Hard Core Strength program was initially designed to address the spectrum of injuries known as athletic pubalgia / sports hernia. The course and manual reflect this bias with respect to the exercise techniques and focus. It is based on the most common presentations of this condition in our clinical practice. However, the principles and theories integral to the program have been used by ourselves with various other conditions from ACL rehab to spinal instabilities. Obviously there are important modifications to the individualized program depending on the specific nature of the condition being addressed and the individual presentation.

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